Building Contractors Offering Steel Beam Installations
in Nottingham and the Surrounding Areas

If you’re considering having major renovations carried out at your home or premises, would the removal of internal walls benefit your plans? If so, there’s no need to be concerned about only taking down partition walls so the structure will remain secure. Another Brick in the Wall’s range of steel beam installations are now part of our building services, and will benefit any interior plans you have for your Nottingham property. 

Load-bearing or supporting walls are constructed to bear the weight of a building and transfer it evenly to the foundations below where they will take the strain. They are built according to specific calculations so their construction must be accurate. Removal of these internal features, without any replacement insertions, will affect the structural integrity of the overall structure and could lead to a partial or total collapse. 

No building contractor will allow this to happen, that is why we don’t recommend you remove any walls without seeking expert advice first. To see a selection of images relating to this particular service, please click onto our gallery page. Contact us today to find out more.

What Renovations Require Steel Beam Installations?

The following changes to your Nottingham property will require the supply and placement of steel beams.

  • Bi-Fold Door Insertion

  • Garage Conversions

  • Interior Redesign

  • Loft Conversions

  • Property Extensions

  • Removal of a Chimney Breast

  • Structural Problems

  • Subsidence Issues

Our builders will work out the necessary calculations in advance, ensuring the beams are cut to precise measurements. We supply the steel necessary for the project and our team will carry out the positioning of the beams manually if possible. For larger installations, such as the construction of 8-panel bifold doors or larger house extensions, we’ll organise the relevant plant hire required.

Why Use Steel and Not Some Other Material?

Steel has many positive values besides its strength and robustness. It’s completely fire resistant, immune to mould or any form of infestation, and is prepared off site in advance so there’s no mess involved in the installation of our supporting beams. Steel is also fully recyclable and widely used within the construction industry due to its long-lasting benefits. 

The steel beams we supply and fit come in the following formats:

Box Frames

For wall removals that require larger beams, box frames offer the best support. The vertical steel beams positioned on either side of the opening are securely encased in concrete and hold the horizontal beam in place above.

Goal Posts

These are commonly seen in Nottingham properties where extensions are taking place but the opening isn’t as wide. They rely on the new foundations for stability and are situated vertically on either side of the newly revealed gap. 

I-Beams or Rolled Steel Joists (RSJs)

Probably the most commonly recognised steel beam installations, RSJ’s match the thickness of the wall they’re replacing and are inserted above supporting solid concrete blocks. These will take their weight and transfer it to the foundations.

Another Brick in the Wall offers a 10 year guarantee on all steel beam installations carried out for our clients, and we will always adhere to the warranties provided with the materials and products we use.

To discuss anything from house extensions and steel beam installations to bricklaying and repointing with a fully qualified building contractor in Nottingham, call 07543 697101.