Steel Beam Installations for House Extensions in Nottingham
Create the Ideal Office Space in the Home

It’s more important than ever for workers to be flexible. Employers can ask them to work from home at short notice, but they won’t be impressed if you have to sit in the kitchen or in front of garish wallpaper. House extensions and garage conversions from a building contractor can give you the means to work in a professional space so you can give your best without ever leaving your home in the Nottingham area.

Don’t worry about having us knock down walls in order to open up your existing property to the new extension. Our steel beam installations are designed to spread the weight of supporting walls over the foundations without affecting your home’s overall structure in any way. Talk to our building contractors today if you have any concerns. 

Working as bricklayers, garden patio builders and home improvement specialists, we have what it takes to craft efficient office spaces. Below, we go through easy ways to make your home office feel more comfortable, allowing you to be as productive as possible. Visit our testimonials page today to read reviews of our services from previous clients.

Ask About House Extensions or Garage Conversions in Nottingham

Trying to work on the bed, sofa or in the kitchen will only lead to posture issues, causing back pain and neck problems that will impact your ability to function. Your building contractors should be able to show you past house extensions or garage conversions for inspiration and to see how they might benefit you.

The tips we will be exploring on this page are:

Remember the Lighting

You wouldn’t want to work in a dark environment away from home, so afford your home in the Nottingham area the same approach. Large windows will keep you warm when the temperature drops while allowing sunlight to pour in during the day. That said, you should also include ceiling-mounted artificial lights for longer work sessions. More than just time-served bricklayers, we perform all building services and can even improve your landscape with a new garden patio.

Include Storage in Your Plans

You’ll need more than just a desk, chair and laptop. House extensions and garage conversions may give you enough room to add in a filing cabinet and other important furniture too. If you’re aiming for something more casual, why not ask your building contractors and bricklayers to include room for a relaxed seating area? Fitting shelves into the space will also give you easy access to files and stationery.

Don’t Be Afraid to Double Up

Garage conversions can often add a great deal of usable space to your home in Nottingham. Make the best use of the environment by creating a bedroom or second reception, but with the secondary purpose of an office space. This can blur the lines between work and home, but you’ll also maximise your investment and make it easier to adapt the area later on.

After all, many homeowners include greenery and a garden patio in their landscaping plans for the best of both worlds. Why not do the same indoors?

Don’t Forget Placement

Building contractors and bricklayers around Nottingham must consider the placement of their work for the best results, and the same applies to house extensions and garage conversions. You’ll want to position your computer in a way that minimises glare, gives you room to swivel your chair and create a welcoming vibe that suits your personal tastes. Try setting yourself in view of your garden patio – you might even find some inspiration by doing so.

If you’re seriously thinking about our house extensions with supporting steel beam installations, have a look at our gallery for inspiration. You can also check out our growing number of testimonials from past and present clients who are enjoying the benefits of working from home, all thanks to the space created for them by our professional team.

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