House Extensions in Nottingham and the Surrounding Areas
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Have you found yourself frustrated by a lack of space? Cramped living conditions can seriously impede your lifestyle, making it tough to enjoy hobbies, invite friends over or welcome a new family member. When this happens, you don’t necessarily need to move to a larger home. Instead, extend your house with the help of Nottingham’s premier building contractors. Our team manages all house extensions from start to finish, transforming homes efficiently and within budget.

We can assist with design and planning to ensure that your house extension project is feasible and achieves maximum space. As building contractors with a reputation for finding fast solutions, we can extend your home in Nottingham or the surrounding areas to suit your exact requirements.

Our team provides the following and more:

  • Single-Storey Extensions

  • Multi-Storey Extensions

  • Rear-Facing Extensions

  • Wraparound Extensions

  • Bedrooms and Lounges

  • Extra Storage Space

  • Kitchen Extensions

  • All Building Services

Our Nottingham building contractors craft house extensions in various styles and using today’s reliable materials. We may specialise in bricklaying, but we also undertake all phases of the project, bringing in accredited tradespeople to deliver the modern comforts. Get in touch today to find out more or visit our extensions blog.

House Extensions | For a More Spacious Environment

Extending gives you the benefit of a bigger home without forcing you out of the house you love. The process expands it according to your needs, resulting in a fully tailored space.

Catering to Your Lifestyle

Extending can add a productive new office to your home. Alternatively, you could build an art studio, create a dedicated home cinema, form a quiet study or add a utility space for washers and dryers. Many homeowners in Nottingham and the surrounding areas benefit from house extensions by choosing to add an extra bedroom – giving guests a place to stay in both comfort and style. Unlike other rooms in the home, your extension will come fully bespoke to your specifications and may even become your favourite room.

With an extension for a new lounge, reception or study, you can expect your property to increase in value. In fact, studies show that a double bedroom can raise the value by as much as 20%. Even a smaller extension will doubt make your home more desirable to potential buyers.

Start By Calling the Trusted Extension Builders

With space at a premium in Nottingham and across the UK, there’s never been a better time to consider the house extensions available. Our building contractors manage single- and double-storey additions to maximise space, build elegant wraparounds, and keep costs down with traditional rear-facing house extensions. While we’re at it, we can fit energy-efficient doors and windows, add beautifully exposed brickwork, and send trained personnel for your electric, heating and plumbing needs.

Please get in touch to discuss house extensions with an experienced member of the team. We work hard to realise your ambitions, reduce clutter, and provide results that you can enjoy all year round.

If you live around Nottingham would like to learn more about house extensions, call 07543 697101 to speak with a trusted building contractor.