House Extensions in Nottingham
The Main Types of Extension Available

Building an extension should be an exciting time. While there can be some confusion to begin with, we believe that with good project management and reliable customer service, this will soon give way to the thrill that comes from a successful project. House extensions make the property more supportive for the family, and they also lift its resale value – making the home more enticing to discerning buyers. If you want to expand your home in Nottingham, then Another Brick in the Wall AI Ltd can explain the various options available.

We offer to walk you through the extension process, ensuring all work satisfies the look and feel that you have in mind. Why not browse our gallery to see our bricklaying and extension-building team in action?

A Look at Today’s Most Popular House Extensions

These are the primary types of property extensions that you may find in and around the Nottingham area:

Single-Storey Property Extensions

Perfect for expanding the dining room, lounge or kitchen, single-storey extensions build at ground level. They must comply with building regulations, but they increasingly fall under permitted development rights – meaning you can expect our building contractors to get to work sooner rather than later. You’ll need to consider what you want to achieve, feasibility, and how it may impact the overall look of your home.

Multi-Storey Extensions

Remember that the more space achieved with your house extensions, the greater the reward for your family. Of course, building over multiple stories will incur further costs than a single-storey project. Multi or double-storey extensions add to the ground floor as well as the first, and prove far more complex as a result. Another Brick in the Wall AI Ltd in Nottingham can manage this whole process for you, taking much of the strain out of the process.

Rear-Facing Home Extensions

Have you ever wondered what a bigger lounge could look like? With a rear-facing extension, you need no longer guess. A perfect way to expand your main living space, the rear-facing build allows you to brighten things up with bi-folding doors and an additional dining area. Alternatively, you could turn it into an open-plan lounge with a rear space for working from the comfort of your Nottingham home.

Side-Return Extensions

Take a good look at that side alley next to your property. You may think it gives easy access to the garden, but how often do you use it compared to the rest of the house? Make this area work for you with a side-return extension from a trusted building contractor. These house extensions can also be combined with rear-facing extensions to form an elegant wraparound. This type of extension is one of the most complex, achieving a tremendous amount of space, and boasting a huge amount of versatility.

Kitchen Extensions

Don’t underestimate the importance of a high-performing kitchen. It’s the heart of any Nottingham home, so it deserves the utmost respect. If your kitchen is too small for your liking, then extend it where feasible. You could take this opportunity to remodel it in a contemporary style, turning it into a more spacious focal point complete with a dining table, skylight, or island with bar stools.

To make your home a better place to be, please call our team on 07543 697101. We build house extensions in Nottingham and the surrounding locations.