How Can You Select the Right Building Contractor
in Nottingham?

Your home is a treasured space, so it deserves the best care available from well-trained hands. Anything less, and you might have further problems down the line. Nobody wants a less-than-stellar finish to their extensions or conversions, so it’s always worth taking time out of your day to ensure you find the right building contractor for the job. Below, we’ve compiled a list of ways to find the right team for your project, whether it’s in Nottingham or any of the nearby regions.

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What Can I Do to Find a Trustworthy Building Contractor?

First, consider any workmen that may have visited your home previously. Did they do a good job, and was the cost fair? If not, then jump online and flick through any leaflets you might have stored away. This makes for a good starting point, giving you multiple building contractors to choose from.

The points we will be covering on this page are as follows:

Ask Friends and Neighbours

Neighbours often get work done, and they may be able to recommend a good team in the local Nottingham area. You might even have seen them in action and been pleasantly surprised with how an extension or garden patio turned out. Remember that a great reputation is earned with good reason and is a key indicator of their reliability.

Contact Them for Examples

That said, you deserve more than just a simple assurance of quality. To make sure you get a professional service, ask each contractor you speak with to provide examples of their previous projects – preferably ones in the local region that are similar in scope to your own. Any building contractor with the right experience level will be happy to send you pictures, and some might even take you to view a finished or active project.

Ask the Right Questions

What’s included in the quote or estimate? How long will the home improvement project take? How will the tradesmen ensure compliance with HSE legislation? Do they take certain steps to keep the environment clean? These are all questions you should ask before hiring someone to work on your Nottingham property. If they seem unwilling to answer, then you might want to look elsewhere.

See if they Cover Your Needs

There’s little point calling someone for a garden patio if they really only build house extensions. Make sure the team you speak with advertises the services you desire. While there are exceptions, and some building contractors do offer more than what’s listed on the website, visiting the building services page will give you a clear idea of what they can do for your home – either in Nottingham or the surrounding areas.

Call Another Brick in the Wall AI Ltd

If you want a reliable service from a building contractor that puts your needs first, then we are ready and waiting to help. With a great reputation, years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of garden patios, house extensions, garage conversions, bricklaying, new builds and more besides, we can lend a vast skillset to your home. Another Brick in the Wall AI Ltd also manages projects from start to finish, with all electrics, gas and heating installed by registered personnel.

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