Building Contractors Carry Out Brickwork Repointing
in Nottingham and the Surrounding Areas

Although they may look like solid structures, brickwork buildings still require external maintenance to preserve their integrity. This will also ensure they remain aesthetically pleasing, a feature which is important to uphold. This is particularly relevant for older and period properties in Nottingham and the surrounding areas as our historical buildings are stunning to look at, such as the Birkin, Waterways or King Street Buildings. 

Our professional bricklayers and building contractors at Another Brick in the Wall offer brickwork repointing and other services to clients whose properties date back as far as 1900. From private residences to schools, factories, hotels, museums and other commercial buildings throughout the areas we cover, we have the experience and knowledge required to secure the brickwork and integrity of all relevant properties.

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What is Brickwork Repointing?

Firstly, let us explain pointing. This process ensures the stability of a property’s brickwork during construction and is performed by having the gaps between each brick filled with mortar. Sealing the bricks together in this way forms a watertight barrier which prevents rainwater seeping in through the outer walls and causing mould and damp issues. Pointing, in whichever form, also adds to the overall aesthetic of a completed structure. 

Repointing, therefore, is the replacement of the mortar which will, inevitably, decay over time. If you observe an older building in Nottingham closely, you may notice where repointing has already taken place due to the mismatched mortars in place.

Signs your property may be in need of our professional services include:

  • Abrasive Cleaning Methods

  • Damaged Bricks due to Moisture Issues

  • Efflorescence – White Deposits Covering the Brickwork

  • Inadequate Pointing Work Initially Carried Out

  • Penetrating Damp Issues

  • The Age of the Property

Another Brick in the Wall’s experienced contractors can perform the following range of brickwork repointing techniques, each designed to suit the external aspect of the building and ensure its overall aesthetic.

  • Concave/Beaded

  • Extruded

  • Flush

  • Grapevine

  • Raked/Recessed

  • Struck/Weatherstruck

  • V-Pointing

Each brickwork repointing service consists of a thorough clean of the area in question, along with the application of an anti-fungal treatment. 

For properties of more than one storey, we’ll use specialist scaffolding systems in order to assure the safety of both our building contractors and the general public. 

We also offer a 2-year workmanship guarantee on all of our brickwork repointing services, and honour manufacturer warranties.

For more information about each method and which one will suit your Nottingham property best, talk to our building contractors at Another Brick in the Wall today. 

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